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Red Monkey New Website

Here at MAY we certainly haven’t been monkeying around- the new and much improved Red Monkey website is now live, and so is their very first promotional video!

Red Monkey are learning development specialists, who design and produce bespoke playground equipment to encourage childrens’ imaginations and curiosity. While their playgrounds may be innovatively designed, their website lacked some of the imagination and fun of the brand. But with the help of MAY, it now works to maximise their strong brand assets.


To really get to grips with what Red Monkey needed from their new website, the MAY team held a workshop, working through the different stages of our signature blueprint for success. Putting together mood boards of photography ideas and themes, we gained a great idea of exactly how the website needed to look and function, and have now produced a colourful, interactive website that allows the personality of Red Monkey and their unique products to shine through. With custom-built animations to add a bit of fun, and a step-by-step rundown of the Red Monkey design process, the new website shows what the brand has to offer in a fun, engaging way that stands out from their competitors.


MAY also had a great time working with the Red Monkey team (and the Red Monkey mascot himself!) scouting out rising young talent at Leicester Grammar School, during filming for the new Red Monkey promotional video. The video captures the excitement of a class of children during their first use of a new bespoke playground, alongside a rundown of process from design to finished product. The end result is a sharp, informative video that really portrays the professionalism and fun loving nature of Red Monkey as a brand.

See the new website and video now at