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Making a splash on social media with Cambridge Weight Plan

Cambridge Weight Plan offers a weight management plan with a difference – each of their slimmers is matched with an independent Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant, who provides one-to-one coaching and support to help them through their weight-loss journey. The Plan is made up of a flexible six-Step programme that includes a range of nutritiously balanced and expertly formulated bars, shakes, meals and more. To give slimmers and Consultants something fresh and exciting to look forward to, new products are launched throughout the year with engaging social media campaigns and graphics to generate a buzz. Over the past two years, MAY have created a number of dynamic and highly successful launch campaigns for the brand.

In the run up to summer, MAY have been working with Cambridge Weight Plan to launch three exciting new Water Flavourings – Sunshine Orange, Lemon & Lime and Raspberry & Elderflower. These Water Flavourings are used  to help the slimmers drink more water, and are a big-selling product amongst Cambridge Weight Plan’s slimmers. The launch needed to be punchy, vibrant, and catch the attention of the brand’s many Facebook followers.

To make this launch stand out, we shot a series of short and snappy overhead videos that showed slimmers fun and unexpected ways to enjoy these new Water Flavourings in the summertime. This consisted of refreshing ice lollies, colourful jellies and tempting trifles.


Initially we presented mood boards and concepts to capture the look and feel for the videos, then we created storyboards and sourced props for the shoot.

The resulting videos were posted to Cambridge Weight Plan’s Facebook page where they kicked up quite a storm amongst slimmers and Consultants. We also produced a suite of colourful recipe cards that Consultants could share with their slimmers to encourage them to order these great new products. The result? Thousands of happy slimmers, and one happy client. Bring on the next launch.