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How MAY brought Dynamic Wealth’s brand to life with the magic of animation

Dynamic Wealth is a team of leading financial planners in Leicestershire, where for over 25 years they’ve helped people not only plan their finances, but plan their future. Dynamic Wealth pride themselves on a truly personal approach with their clients, based on listening to and understanding their needs before carrying out a thorough and insightful review of their finances, as well as their life plans and goals. With such a unique proposition among their sector, this was a message worth creating a buzz around. For the past two years, MAY have helped the team do just that.

MAY have provided a whole range of services for Dynamic Wealth, including work on their branding and creating mail templates, print brochures and internal communications. The MAY team have also created Dynamic Wealth’s website, which has real stand-out in the sector with a focus on the brand’s softer style.

Most recently, MAY have been working with Dynamic Wealth to create an eye-catching animated video to walk potential clients through their customer journey, making sure their personal brand values shine through from start to finish. We’ve crafted a number of attention-grabbing animated videos for our clients – we believe this medium is the perfect way to communicate messages by leading the viewer through possibly complex or lengthy information in an engaging and easily digestible way. And we’re not the only ones – recent studies have found that 64% of online shoppers are more likely to buy a product or service if they view a video about it first. *



Simplicity was key for a brand like Dynamic Wealth, because a subject as serious as financial planning can easily become quite bland and confusing if not communicated effectively. So we approached the animation in the simplest terms we could – we used geometric shapes that morphed and changed to match a series of short and snappy copy lines that took the viewer on a journey through the brand’s services and values. We started by scripting and storyboarding the animation before working with an animator to bring this idea to life. We also selected a piece of music for the video that added an emotional element and captured the key rises and falls of the script.

The finished product is something Dynamic Wealth are proud to call their own, and the animation now sits on the front page of their website. It’s also available to be shared with current and potential clients via email – an important communication tool for the business. The MAY team are currently working on another animation for Dynamic Wealth based on the success of this first one – adding another string to their bow, and another exciting project for MAY.


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*’Why Animated Video is the Best Strategy for Your Social Media’,  Olga Bedrina,

Unlocking the benefits of WordPress Multisite for Oxford Innovation

For over 30 years, our client Oxford Innovation has been building and running outstanding Innovation Centres, creating jobs and growing economies all across the UK. In fact, Oxford Innovation manages Harborough Innovation Centre, where you’ll find the MAY team busy at work. Oxford Innovation has supported thousands of growing SMEs to bring new products, services and processes to the market.

Each of Oxford Innovation’s 24 centres has their own website, but the design and content had become outdated, so Oxford Innovation felt they needed a refresh of the whole suite of sites to reflect their current style and values. MAY suggested that WordPress Multisite would be the best platform to use for these websites, as it allows you to manage several sites or blogs from one installation of WordPress. This means that MAY and the Oxford Innovation team can make use of shared themes, plugins and updates, significantly saving the business time, resource and money. Rather than individually building centre websites from scratch, you can duplicate a flexible template across each site that can be easily customised while still retaining a consistent structure and format.

MAY pitched for the project and started work on the websites in October after a successful presentation. We began by mapping out the deadlines for each individual centre and created a time plan for every one, alongside documents listing all of the elements that would be required and whose responsibility it was to deliver. Workshops were undertaken for initial sites, and a member of the OI team was shown how to run these workshops for the remaining sites. The purpose of these workshops was to determine the key messages and user journey for each individual site, which is a process we follow with all of our digital projects.

Next, our creative team crafted a full design for the first site, Culham Innovation Centre, and each of the sites that followed was based on this template, with their own customised features to suit the branding and personality of each centre. The flexibility of the Multisite platform allowed us to configure this template from site to site, ensuring all core features and plugins could be updated consistently. User-specific rights made sure only certain people could edit each site, minimising the risk of costly mistakes and authorised changes. All user activity is tracked to show exactly who has edited what. MAY worked closely with OI on a daily basis – this continuous communication meant that all sites were completed to standard and in a timely, cost-effective manner.

The MAY team were fully involved in the project, including video editing, web build, and copywriting. We put in place an extensive work plan to ensure every site was designed, built and approved in an efficient way – crafting 18 websites is no mean feat! But with diligence, organisation and attention to detail, we were able to complete the project with successful results.

The MAY team have specialist expertise in designing and building websites with WordPress Multisite. Could your business benefit from this flexible, user-friendly platform for your suite of websites?

Speak to our team today for advice on how WordPress Multisite could be the best, most cost and time effective way to showcase your business online.


How the MAY team built a brand from scratch with The Happy Glamping Company

MAY have been delighted to work on an exciting launch for a new brand that specialises in bespoke, handcrafted glamping pods and experiences for campsite owners across the UK – The Happy Glamping Company. The MAY team worked from start to finish to bring the company to life, carrying out extensive market research and crafting a suite of marketing strategies, creative collateral and branding.

The Happy Glamping Company’s team knew exactly what their new glamping pods would look like and how they would be made – but in terms of branding, identity, strategy and creative collateral, the team were starting from scratch. That’s where the MAY team were called in to offer our specialist expertise.

Our first task was to get under the skin of the glamping market. We carried out extensive research to discover everything we needed to know about this growing trend, including consumer insights, competitor products, pricing and branding, and key recommendations. These were shared, discussed and refined alongside the team to make sure all our findings had value.

The next step was to give the brand an identity. MAY’s copywriter took a number of different approaches to create a collection of possible names for the new business that reflected their values in a clear and memorable style. These ideas were narrowed down until The Happy Glamping Company was chosen – then it was time to get work on an identity and branded collateral.

Our creative team designed a suite of branded elements for The Happy Glamping Company including a logo, colour palette, and iconography style. We also worked on a number of key copy statements and a tone of voice guide that could be used to communicate their services, values and benefits clearly. From these suggestions and recommendations, a clear marketing strategy was outlined to make the most of this new and exciting proposition. Last to come was a bright and engaging website that brought together all the hard work we’d done for the brand.

Armed with all this knowledge and eye-catching creative communications, The Happy Glamping Company launched their brand at The Glamping Show this September, showcasing their range of bespoke glamping pods and accessories. With all the positive feedback they received, the team are confident that this new branding is just what they need to take The Happy Glamping Company to the next level.

Wondering how MAY could make your new brand stand out from the crowd? Speak to the team today to discover more.

If you’re interested in transforming your outdoor space with bespoke glamping accommodation, you can contact The Happy Glamping Company on 0116 366 99 28 or email


Gosh! There’s a new sausage in town

In a time where plant-based and mindful eating is a big topic amongst consumers, Gosh! burst onto the scene with a joyful range of burgers, bakes, bites and bangers that are healthy, vegan and free from the UK’s top 14 allergens. With products that deliver incredible flavours and a playful approach to branding, Gosh! are on a mission to bring truly nourishing experiences to as many people as possible.

MAY have been working closely with Gosh! to realise this mission since their launch, and have helped the brand grow exponentially over an 18-month period. The team have supported Gosh! on a number of marketing channels, including PR, advertising, events, blogs and social media.

In August 2017, Gosh! were set for an exciting new product launch. To add to their range of burgers, bakes and bites, Gosh! had formulated a new kind of plant-based sausage that solves all the problems of the modern-day banger. Sausages have got a bad rep recently – they either taste great but are bad for you, or taste bland and are good for you. But there’s no need to compromise with new Gosh! sausages. They’re tasty, they’re healthy, and they’re free from the nation’s top 14 allergens.

Using our expertise and insights in the food industry, we created a social media campaign to launch the sausages. This included a teaser post to whet the Gosh! fan’s appetite for the big news to come, a launch post that drove followers into stores, and momentum posts to keep the noise going. We’ve also worked with food bloggers Happy Skin Kitchen and Rebel Recipes to create some mouth-watering recipes to give followers lots of tasty inspiration. These were linked to blog posts on the Gosh! website, driving traffic and encouraging purchase.

We also launched the new Gosh! sausages to the press, with an eye-catching press release to give Gosh! all-important media attention. This was backed up with creative print adverts in a number of national food and lifestyle magazines.

The launch has been a fantastic success, with their launch post reaching over 13,000 engagements.

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MAY welcomes new Creative Director, Greg Rees

After searching for one of the best creative minds in the area, MAY are delighted to announce that Greg Rees has joined the team as our brand new Creative Director.

Greg swapped the sands of Dubai for the fields of Market Harborough after a long stint living abroad, where he worked on a number of blue-chip household names. Greg couldn’t resist the pull of the countryside and has returned to the UK to help MAY deliver outstanding creative work for our many valued clients.

Greg has both agency and in-house experience and loves nothing more than delving deep into a creative brief, and exceeding what is expected from the client. He’s worked with a wide range of clients, including Victoria’s Secret, Costa and Heineken, as well as a number of SMEs.

This acquisition is an important milestone for MAY, and we’re excited to see how Greg’s expertise can take our business forwards. He’s already put his stamp on a handful of projects for our clients, with glowing results.

If you’d like to find out how MAY can give your brand the creative edge, get in touch on contact@wearemay today.

Making a splash on social media with Cambridge Weight Plan

Cambridge Weight Plan offers a weight management plan with a difference – each of their slimmers is matched with an independent Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant, who provides one-to-one coaching and support to help them through their weight-loss journey. The Plan is made up of a flexible six-Step programme that includes a range of nutritiously balanced and expertly formulated bars, shakes, meals and more. To give slimmers and Consultants something fresh and exciting to look forward to, new products are launched throughout the year with engaging social media campaigns and graphics to generate a buzz. Over the past two years, MAY have created a number of dynamic and highly successful launch campaigns for the brand.

In the run up to summer, MAY have been working with Cambridge Weight Plan to launch three exciting new Water Flavourings – Sunshine Orange, Lemon & Lime and Raspberry & Elderflower. These Water Flavourings are used  to help the slimmers drink more water, and are a big-selling product amongst Cambridge Weight Plan’s slimmers. The launch needed to be punchy, vibrant, and catch the attention of the brand’s many Facebook followers.

To make this launch stand out, we shot a series of short and snappy overhead videos that showed slimmers fun and unexpected ways to enjoy these new Water Flavourings in the summertime. This consisted of refreshing ice lollies, colourful jellies and tempting trifles.


Initially we presented mood boards and concepts to capture the look and feel for the videos, then we created storyboards and sourced props for the shoot.

The resulting videos were posted to Cambridge Weight Plan’s Facebook page where they kicked up quite a storm amongst slimmers and Consultants. We also produced a suite of colourful recipe cards that Consultants could share with their slimmers to encourage them to order these great new products. The result? Thousands of happy slimmers, and one happy client. Bring on the next launch.



New year diet

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Halloween Mayhem with Gosh!


This week the MAY team donned our witch’s hats and devil’s horns to create some exciting new social content for our client, Gosh! They make delicious burgers, bakes and bites that are naturally free from the nation’s top 14 allergens. To showcase their yummy Beetroot, Kale and Quinoa Burgers and Mushroom, Puy Lentil and Butterbean Burgers, MAY created some exciting Halloween themed serving suggestions, to share on the client’s social media pages. The posts will feature a link to the Gosh! blog, where followers will find the recipes to make their own spooky Gosh! creations!


We also filmed a short and snappy time lapse pumpkin carving video, to go alongside a giveaway campaign encouraging followers to send in their own pumpkin carvings! And to really keep the video on brand, we painted the pumpkin teal, in support of the Teal Pumpkin Project, an organisation that encourages the handing out of non-food sweets on Halloween to make trick or treating inclusive of children with allergies.

The shoot was an exciting new experience for MAY, and after a successful (and fun!) day, the results are frightfully fantastic. Here at MAY, we specialise in food marketing for a reason!

Red Monkey New Website

Here at MAY we certainly haven’t been monkeying around- the new and much improved Red Monkey website is now live, and so is their very first promotional video!

Red Monkey are learning development specialists, who design and produce bespoke playground equipment to encourage childrens’ imaginations and curiosity. While their playgrounds may be innovatively designed, their website lacked some of the imagination and fun of the brand. But with the help of MAY, it now works to maximise their strong brand assets.


To really get to grips with what Red Monkey needed from their new website, the MAY team held a workshop, working through the different stages of our signature blueprint for success. Putting together mood boards of photography ideas and themes, we gained a great idea of exactly how the website needed to look and function, and have now produced a colourful, interactive website that allows the personality of Red Monkey and their unique products to shine through. With custom-built animations to add a bit of fun, and a step-by-step rundown of the Red Monkey design process, the new website shows what the brand has to offer in a fun, engaging way that stands out from their competitors.


MAY also had a great time working with the Red Monkey team (and the Red Monkey mascot himself!) scouting out rising young talent at Leicester Grammar School, during filming for the new Red Monkey promotional video. The video captures the excitement of a class of children during their first use of a new bespoke playground, alongside a rundown of process from design to finished product. The end result is a sharp, informative video that really portrays the professionalism and fun loving nature of Red Monkey as a brand.

See the new website and video now at


It’s In Our Jeans

Today the MAY team proudly donned their denim in support of Jeans for Genes Day! No, it’s not the 90’s again (circa Justin Timberlake and Britney’s classic takes on double denim): we’re joining the likes of Keith Lemon and Warwick Davies to raise funds and awareness for an incredible cause!


MAY have joined a national movement taking place in schools and workplaces across the UK, aiming to improve the lives of children living with genetic disorders. With 1 in 25 UK children affected by a genetic disorder, the grants, school resources and funds provided to the charity Genetic Disorders UK are vital to reducing stigma surrounding disorders in schools, funding support groups and even new technology to increase independence.  Donations from previous years have already drastically changed the lives of many sufferers and their families, and MAY are proud to be a part of what will no doubt be an even greater success this year!

Feeling inspired? Why not grab your favourite Levi’s and head on over to to see how you can get involved!

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