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Bamboozle Take Centre Stage

Recently MAY brought Bamboozle into the limelight, with an engaging new video promoting their work! Bamboozle are a Leicester-based charity that deliver interactive and immersive theatre performances to children with profound disabilities and their families. MAY have worked with Bamboozle previously, and are proud to support such a unique charity that makes a huge difference to the lives of those it works with.

Bamboozle asked us to create a fundraising video to increase their profile and encourage organisations to support them in order to get vital funding to continue their work. To see for ourselves the impact of a Bamboozle performance we went along to a show at Leicester’s Attenborough Arts Centre.

The wonderful performance takes theatre into a completely new dimension – where the fourth wall comes down and actors become one with the audience. The children were treated to a special boat ride with real wind and rain, herbs to smell and touch, soggy seaweed to feel and even a soothing massage with essential oils. Most importantly the children could just be themselves and express themselves in their own individual way at their own speed surrounded by experts who understand their needs.



From watching and talking to the families it was clear that a visit to Bamboozle is one of the highlights of their year.

Following the performance, we then rose to the challenge of creating a story board that captured the magical nature of Bamboozle, recognised the skill and experience of those within the organisation and the impact it has on the families it touches.

We decided to use a combination of animation and video to get across the charities key messages in the most engaging way.   This approach allowed us to share some of the challenges that many of the Bamboozle families face and give context to the role that Bamboozle plays in their lives as well as feature footage of the special moments and environment Bamboozle creates.  The video finishes with showing different ways in which organisations can make a real difference through supporting Bamboozle. 

Feedback on the video has been really positive and we hope that it will help to raise much needed funding for this life-changing charity.  We hope you enjoy watching it; SEE IT HERE