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How MAY brought Dynamic Wealth’s brand to life with the magic of animation

Dynamic Wealth is a team of leading financial planners in Leicestershire, where for over 25 years they’ve helped people not only plan their finances, but plan their future. Dynamic Wealth pride themselves on a truly personal approach with their clients, based on listening to and understanding their needs before carrying out a thorough and insightful review of their finances, as well as their life plans and goals. With such a unique proposition among their sector, this was a message worth creating a buzz around. For the past two years, MAY have helped the team do just that.

MAY have provided a whole range of services for Dynamic Wealth, including work on their branding and creating mail templates, print brochures and internal communications. The MAY team have also created Dynamic Wealth’s website, which has real stand-out in the sector with a focus on the brand’s softer style.

Most recently, MAY have been working with Dynamic Wealth to create an eye-catching animated video to walk potential clients through their customer journey, making sure their personal brand values shine through from start to finish. We’ve crafted a number of attention-grabbing animated videos for our clients – we believe this medium is the perfect way to communicate messages by leading the viewer through possibly complex or lengthy information in an engaging and easily digestible way. And we’re not the only ones – recent studies have found that 64% of online shoppers are more likely to buy a product or service if they view a video about it first. *



Simplicity was key for a brand like Dynamic Wealth, because a subject as serious as financial planning can easily become quite bland and confusing if not communicated effectively. So we approached the animation in the simplest terms we could – we used geometric shapes that morphed and changed to match a series of short and snappy copy lines that took the viewer on a journey through the brand’s services and values. We started by scripting and storyboarding the animation before working with an animator to bring this idea to life. We also selected a piece of music for the video that added an emotional element and captured the key rises and falls of the script.

The finished product is something Dynamic Wealth are proud to call their own, and the animation now sits on the front page of their website. It’s also available to be shared with current and potential clients via email – an important communication tool for the business. The MAY team are currently working on another animation for Dynamic Wealth based on the success of this first one – adding another string to their bow, and another exciting project for MAY.


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