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How the MAY team built a brand from scratch with The Happy Glamping Company

MAY have been delighted to work on an exciting launch for a new brand that specialises in bespoke, handcrafted glamping pods and experiences for campsite owners across the UK – The Happy Glamping Company. The MAY team worked from start to finish to bring the company to life, carrying out extensive market research and crafting a suite of marketing strategies, creative collateral and branding.

The Happy Glamping Company’s team knew exactly what their new glamping pods would look like and how they would be made – but in terms of branding, identity, strategy and creative collateral, the team were starting from scratch. That’s where the MAY team were called in to offer our specialist expertise.

Our first task was to get under the skin of the glamping market. We carried out extensive research to discover everything we needed to know about this growing trend, including consumer insights, competitor products, pricing and branding, and key recommendations. These were shared, discussed and refined alongside the team to make sure all our findings had value.

The next step was to give the brand an identity. MAY’s copywriter took a number of different approaches to create a collection of possible names for the new business that reflected their values in a clear and memorable style. These ideas were narrowed down until The Happy Glamping Company was chosen – then it was time to get work on an identity and branded collateral.

Our creative team designed a suite of branded elements for The Happy Glamping Company including a logo, colour palette, and iconography style. We also worked on a number of key copy statements and a tone of voice guide that could be used to communicate their services, values and benefits clearly. From these suggestions and recommendations, a clear marketing strategy was outlined to make the most of this new and exciting proposition. Last to come was a bright and engaging website that brought together all the hard work we’d done for the brand.

Armed with all this knowledge and eye-catching creative communications, The Happy Glamping Company launched their brand at The Glamping Show this September, showcasing their range of bespoke glamping pods and accessories. With all the positive feedback they received, the team are confident that this new branding is just what they need to take The Happy Glamping Company to the next level.

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Gosh! There’s a new sausage in town

In a time where plant-based and mindful eating is a big topic amongst consumers, Gosh! burst onto the scene with a joyful range of burgers, bakes, bites and bangers that are healthy, vegan and free from the UK’s top 14 allergens. With products that deliver incredible flavours and a playful approach to branding, Gosh! are on a mission to bring truly nourishing experiences to as many people as possible.

MAY have been working closely with Gosh! to realise this mission since their launch, and have helped the brand grow exponentially over an 18-month period. The team have supported Gosh! on a number of marketing channels, including PR, advertising, events, blogs and social media.

In August 2017, Gosh! were set for an exciting new product launch. To add to their range of burgers, bakes and bites, Gosh! had formulated a new kind of plant-based sausage that solves all the problems of the modern-day banger. Sausages have got a bad rep recently – they either taste great but are bad for you, or taste bland and are good for you. But there’s no need to compromise with new Gosh! sausages. They’re tasty, they’re healthy, and they’re free from the nation’s top 14 allergens.

Using our expertise and insights in the food industry, we created a social media campaign to launch the sausages. This included a teaser post to whet the Gosh! fan’s appetite for the big news to come, a launch post that drove followers into stores, and momentum posts to keep the noise going. We’ve also worked with food bloggers Happy Skin Kitchen and Rebel Recipes to create some mouth-watering recipes to give followers lots of tasty inspiration. These were linked to blog posts on the Gosh! website, driving traffic and encouraging purchase.

We also launched the new Gosh! sausages to the press, with an eye-catching press release to give Gosh! all-important media attention. This was backed up with creative print adverts in a number of national food and lifestyle magazines.

The launch has been a fantastic success, with their launch post reaching over 13,000 engagements.

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